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Why do you need Zepps Gear?

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Garments can be made from a variety of quality materials and is available in styles for different seasons, weather, sizes, working environments and colours.

Zepps Gear Front view

There are loops on the front of each garment to attach your lanyard to when not in use.

Zepps Gear Back View

Features an opening from the shoulders to the middle of the upper back area that has a breakaway feature. The d-ring slips through an opening for the lanyard to hook up to.

Zepps Gear Back opened

The velcro tearaway flap will allow you to reuse the garment to keep you warm.

Benefits of Zepps Gear

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Provides a more comfortable and convenient way to wear a safety harness at a work site.

Zepps Gear harness

Gives the user better mobility.

Protection Symbol

Protects the harness from getting oil, paint, or other substances on it.

Weather Symbol

Keeps the wearer protected from the elements.

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Has had numerous product testing done at a licensed facility.

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