"ZEPPS is the name, HEIGHTS is the game."

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Our Objective

This special garment enables a worker to wear their safety harness in a more comfortable, convient manner while at their job site.

The Story Behind The Design

"I work in the scaffolding industry. Harnesses are required to be worn at all times for our safety while at heights. Having to wear harnesses over your work jacket is very uncomfortable as it hinders mobility and your production rate drops.

I noticed that some workers had slits in the back of their jackets where they could slip the d-ring through and attach their lanyard to it. This was allowing them to move better, feel more comfortable, and was less restricting, so I decided to try it. I slipped at work one day and when the lanyard came to it's end, my jacket was around my neck. I knew that something had to change about this design.

From this experience I created ZEPPS GEAR. It's a garment that is to be worn over your harness that has a velcro tear away section in the back for your d-ring to slip through and your lanyard can safely attach to it."

About Zepps